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IB3205Brussels — Madrid
SU278Moscow — Phuket
WZ4004Antalya — Krasnodar
FV5728Rimini — Moscow
YC90Moscow — Novy Urengoy
UT253Moscow — Surgut
RL8847Samara — Dubai
ZT792Banjul — London
SU1484Moscow — Krasnoyarsk
SU2618Moscow — Brussels
LO195Warsaw — Astana
N4353Moscow — Varadero
SU1314Moscow — Mineralnye Vody
FR235Malaga — Berlin
ZF974La Romana — Moscow
FV6285Moscow — Petropavlovsk

Flight delays and cancellations statistics

Graphic contains flight delays and cancellations statistics for the last 30 days

Flight delays in different countries

Information about flight delays and cancellations in different countries. The table contains the summary information about flight delays and cancellations in different countries and a separate table about airports.

Country Delayed Canceled
South Africa99134
United States1486109
Country Delayed Canceled
French Polynesia014
Turks and Caicos Islands08
Hong Kong1306

Delays in airports

The table contains information about delays and cancellations in airports and the delays reasons. For more detailed information you should apply the main page of the airport.

Airline delay statistics

Airline Delayed flights Cancelled flights


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