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Top Flights

FV5732Barcelona — Moscow
DY7079Paris — Oakland
U61524Burgas — Moscow
FV5616Adler-Sochi Int'l — Pulkovo
U61073Saint Petersburg — Antalya
ZF1291Ufa — Antalya
7W7014Antalya — Boryspil (near Kiev)
FV6283Sheremetyevo Int'l —
UT376Syktyvkar — Moscow
4O905Havana — Cancun
TK3235Moscow — Antalya
FV6327Saint Petersburg — Kaliningrad
BY5795Paphos — London
N41801Moscow — Antalya
FV5504Piešťany —
WZ323Moscow — Zvartnots (near Yerevan)

Flight delays and cancellations statistics

Graphic contains flight delays and cancellations statistics for the last 30 days

Flight delays in different countries

Information about flight delays and cancellations in different countries. The table contains the summary information about flight delays and cancellations in different countries and a separate table about airports.

Country Delayed Canceled
United States2839249
United Kingdom46628
Country Delayed Canceled
Turks and Caicos Islands410
Cayman Islands79
New Zealand558

Delays in airports

The table contains information about delays and cancellations in airports and the delays reasons. For more detailed information you should apply the main page of the airport.

Airline delay statistics

Airline Delayed flights Cancelled flights
Virgin Australia172
Cathay Dragon72
China Eastern Airlines518
Vietnam Airlines41
BA Cityflyer33
Spring Airlines31
interCaribbean Airways28
Delta Air Lines13
China Southern Airlines11


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